gods of Babylon

ATLANTA Church Is BOYCOTTING Beyonce Because She Said That She Wanted To USE THE BIBLE As a MAXI PAD!!!

Social media rumor has it that a number of Atlanta mega-churches are expecting to make an announcement this week – to BOYCOTT the singer BEYONCE. These type “threats” have been made in the past regarding this woman and has not stopped  “Christians” from buying her albums or playing her music, and I’m sure that “the church” isn’t in-boxing her, sending her letters or calling her to say that she needs to repent and live a life of holiness ESPECIALLY if she’s giving them “donations”.  And how can they correct her when they support her by going to her concerts, etc. (I guess as long as she doesn’t sing against Christianity she’s okay, right?)

This woman who is also a mother and wife had the audacity to sing these lyrics:

I plugged my menses with pages of the holy book and still coiled deep inside me was the need to know — are you cheating on me?

which is what is causing an outrage. Beyonce is who she is; a man made god, a woman living in complete darkness who needs to want to see the Light of God, God wont force Himself on ANYONE, not even Beyonce’.  My question is, why do so many people call her “queen”? QUEEN OF WHAT? DARKNESS???

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