American Hate,

KKK Flyers Threaten To Assault Black Men Caught Looking At White Women

The Jacksonville (Florida) Sheriff’s Office is investigating a racially charged flyer with a message from the Ku Klux Klan that threatens to assault Black men caught “make eyes” at White women, WTLV-TVreports.

A sheriff’s department spokesman told the news outlet that investigators are trying to determine whether the message crosses the line between free speech and a criminal threat.kkk


According to the NBC News affiliate, it’s not unusual for residents of certain Jacksonville neighborhoods to discover flyers from the Klan on their doorstep. But the message in this latest batch was unusually offensive.

The flyer gave

“notice to all Ni**ers: Any of you black apes caught ‘making eyes’ at a white girl will be beaten with bats and your mothers won’t get anymo’ bananas-That’s a promise.”

John Rando, whose race was not identified, told the news outlet that his wife discovered the flyer outside their house and came back in shocked and crying.

“I hope that the world can just get along and peacefully work together in unity for America’s sake,” he stated.

According to WTLV-TV, the flyer also attacked Jews, saying that a “good Jew” is one with a bullet through the head.


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