Coca-Cola Takes Pride In Pro-LGBT Campaign in Argentina, America and Other Parts of The World

Gay Sprite

Sprite, a product of the Coca-Cola Company launched an ad campaign in Argentina (Sprite Argentina) that features the celebration of a gay-pride parade, and parents helping their sons and daughters cross-dress in an endorsement of transgender expression. Coca-Cola has expressed it’s support of the LGBT community in other countries as well for many years, but not all countries are in support of this, countries such as India and Hungary have told Coca-Cola they are not interested in their filthy agenda! 

Coaca Cola 2

Coca-Cola supports LGBT advertisement in Germany

Maxi Itzkoff, the creative director of this campaign, said the purpose of the ads is to “test innovation and to target young people”. This is CLEARLY not a test, Coca-Cola is boldly promoting the LGBTQ agenda! 

The campaign, created by the Argentinian marketing company Santo, #noestassolx (you are not alone), launched on Oct. 9 on Twitter for Sprite, a brand that is under Coca-Cola Co. and in partnership with Reddit, a social media platform and discussion website. 

The first video advertisement for the campaign shows various teenagers and young adults typing statements such as, “I am 21 and I don’t know what to do with my life,” while the song “You will Never Walk Alone” by Gerry & the Pacemakers plays in the background.

Among phrases in the video say, “I like both boys and girls” and “I am a man but I want to be a woman.” At the end of the video, those statements receive various responses from other people who are going through a similar experience. 

See videos here.

“The value of a brand could be greater by creating real empathy with the youth, instead of going and selling them a Sprite,” Itzkoff said during a marketing festival. “We got out of the habitual marketing tone, and out of what we are supposed to do and we ran away from the target clichés.”

Coca cola 3

Coca-Cola ad in Hungary supporting LGBT

For the rest of the campaign, Sprite Argentina posted videos with statistics such as “we are 2,497,381 who were born in the wrong body.” The video ads always conclude by saying, “You are not alone, keep yourself fresh,” and are a clear endorsement of the LGBT lifestyle.

cc 4

The video that has stirred the most comments on Twitter was one posted on Nov 1. It portrays young people getting ready for a gay-pride parade, and being helped by what seems to be their parents, who are adjusting their outfits and chest binders. Lastly two little girls paint a white heart on top of a gay-rainbow flag. 

The video ends up with the statement, “Pride: what you feel when someone you love chooses to be happy.” 

Editor Note: Coca Cola will apparently support anything that is popular in efforts to stay relevant in society.  An American icon that was once respected by most will do anything for a buck and is part of a bigger agenda. What about Coca Cola’s pro-family and conservative Christian clientele?  It’s interesting that Coca-Cola has never supported holiness- EVER! They could have continued to sell their product remaining neutral and people would have continued to respect the brand while continuing to purchase their product as they have for decades. I wonder if they’ve designed any cans with full term abortion themes?  I’ve never seen Coca-Cola cans with faces of innocent minorities who were shot by police. Coca-Cola has secured it’s seat in Babylon today.  I certainly wont be purchasing anymore Coca Cola products!  


Coca-Cola LGBTQ New York

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  1. If I had known this I would have stopped buying Coke products a long time ago! I’ll bet the churches don’t know this. I’ll buy Pepsi products and if they go along with this sick agenda I’ll buy generic. This whole world has compromised to this system of filth with no fear of God at all! People are marching and partitioning against stupid things and things like this should be given our attention because it’s shaping our society. I’ve always believed that America was founded upon Christian principles. What happened?

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